Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Students & Teacher Learn Together in Their Battles with Cancer

Woodrow Wilson Academy science teacher, John Wright, was diagnosed with T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia in August. In addition to dealing with the news and the impact on his wife and four children, Mr. Wright had to tell his students. A teacher motivated by pouring himself into his student's lives, Mr. Wright had to adjust to not being in the classroom this year and not having regular contact with his students.

The Woodrow Wilson Academy community drew together to support Mr. Wright and his family. This isn't the first time WWA families have supported one of their own undergoing a difficult time. As noted in this story and video, two students have or had leukemia, too.

A couple of weeks ago the WWA community hosted a Wildcat Walk for the Wright Cause to raise funds for the Wright family. Several hundred people showed up to walk the bike path behind the charter school. In addition, students conducted a bake sale that brought in more than was originally anticipated.

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